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Monday, April 30, 2012

Infographic : How to Train Your Employees to Handle Social Media

Thought you might like this infographic:

How to Train Your Employees to Handle Social Media

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Infographic : How Brands Listen in the Digital Age

Thought you might like this infographic:

How Brands Listen in the Digital Age

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Infographic : Website Testing: Move Beyond the Landing Page

Thought you might like this infographic:

Website Testing: Move Beyond the Landing Page

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Infographic : In Peer Review We Trust: Consumer Reviews vs. Other Ad Tactics

Thought you might like this infographic:

In Peer Review We Trust: Consumer Reviews vs. Other Ad Tactics

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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Fwd: [AutoMapIt] Breaking Google Update Announcement

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From: Shawn Snarski <>
Date: 25 April 2012 18:56:17 GMT+01:00
To: David Wood <>
Subject: [AutoMapIt] Breaking Google Update Announcement

My document title

Hello David Wood,

Google announced a new algorithm change to reduce the ranking of 'perceived' spammers.

This latest update appears to target keyword stuffing (lists of keywords) and article spinning.

I stressed the word 'perceived', above, because sometimes Google doesn't hit the mark with
100% accuracy.

This would be something for you to watch over the next week or so in case your website is
either using these methods directly, as part of a link building campaign, or in case Google
mistakes your website as falling into one of those categories.

When you review your websites, be sure they do not contain lists of keywords...
random, aimless, undirected, wandering, curious, extended, long, rambling, incoherent,
hard to read, continuing keyword lists.

If your previous link building uses spun content, you may notice a drop in link value,
resulting in a loss of ranking, even if your website does not use spun or stuffed content itself.

Our link building has never used spun content and has never stuffed keywords into content
to fluff it up. If we built your links, you will be in good shape for this update!

-Shawn Snarski - Sitemap Creation Service - Wisconsin Dells Internet Marketing

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Fw: Revinate guides and resources

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Subject: Revinate guides and resources

Hi David Wood,

We're excited that you're using Revinate! To ensure your success, here are a few helpful resources that are available to you on our Help page.

  • A Social Media Action Plan - Just for hoteliers! Getting started in social media can be challenging, so we created this guide to clarify the process for you.

  • Guide to Reviews Sites & Forums - You know that review sites impact bookings, but are you aware of the differences from site to site? Also included: our tips on responding to reviews and increasing review volume.

  • Guide to Twitter & Guide to Facebook - New to these popular social networking sites? We provide invaluable tips on getting started.

  • Guide to Location-Based Services - Find out more about this emerging platform that allows smart phone users to share their location with their networks of friends.

  • GS2 Reports - Revinate's exclusive GS2 Reports will help you "operationalize" public guest satisfaction.

  • Best Practices - Read through Revinate tips, tricks and FAQs, with answers to most commonly asked questions.

  • All Revinate Guides & Resources - Check out our Help page for all of our valuable guides and additional resources, including our Online Training Video.

For product training, we also have live Customer Training Webinars and an Online Training Video. Check us out on Facebook & Twitter, and visit our blog for the latest developments in social media for hotels. As always, please share your feedback with us, even just to say hello!


Team Revinate

David Wood

Monday, April 16, 2012

Site Ranking Factors

Any good search marketing campaign has a multi-pronged approach to achieving top rankings. Blending such factors as site structure, content relevance, and online press releases will influence your site's chances for success.

SEO Ranking Factors

Strong SEO positions can be achieved by paying careful attention to three main areas: on-page factors, off-page factors, and URL factors. These forces, in combination, push pages towards the top of results pages.

Keyword Research Part 3

Keyword research involves so much more than just looking up search frequencies. Critical factors such as budget restrictions, competition levels, and business strategy must be considered in order to develop a results-driven search marketing plan.

Keyword Research Part 2

Part 2 of our 3-part series infographic details an essential element of keyword research: exploring conversations that are happening on the web. By combing through competitive and industry websites, relevant blog postings, and popular tag sites, new phrases are discovered and search frequencies can be determined.

Keyword Research Part 1

When you begin the process of keyword research, the first step is to think like your target audience and how they would enter the phrases for what they are searching for.


Not all links are created equal. Most search marketers already know the answer. But, how do you differentiate between links to figure out which ones are better than others? The above infographic visualizes the various site and link components that combine to form link juice.

Infographic of the Week: Top Tech Trends of 2011

Infographic of the Week: Top Tech Trends of 2011

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Social Media Demographics | Infographic - UltraLinx

Everything on Google’s Search Algorithm Changes - UltraLinx

Top 10 Search Engine Ranking Factors - UltraLinx

Mobile Data Growth And What it Means For You | Infographic - UltraLinx

Dos & Don’ts For A Successful Call To Action - UltraLinx

Should I Build A Website? | Infographic - UltraLinx

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Fwd: Class Exercise

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From: Michelle Wohl <>
Date: 12 April 2012 22:48:04 GMT+01:00
To: David Wood <>
Subject: Class Exercise

Michelle Wohl
Vice President of Marketing