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Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Fwd: The Moz Top 10 - July 2012, Issue 2

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Subject: The Moz Top 10 - July 2012, Issue 2

The Moz Top 10
What you need to know in the world of SEO
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The Moz Top Ten
What You Need to Know in the World of SEO
July 2012, Issue 2: MozCon Mania
Roger had an amazing time at last week's MozCon meeting community members, watching speakers, singing karaoke, and even getting his groove on. Although MozCon was a whirlwind of awesome, Roger made time for another one of his favorite activities: reading fantastic articles to share with you! He's bursting at the seams to share his favorite finds:
Roger and Rand at MozCon
Are sponsored ads taking over your Google SERPs? Larry Kim's extensive study explains why and highlights what this might mean for marketers.
We're proud to announce the first algorithm-based weather report. Track Google's algo changes, browse weather history, and be on the lookout for stormy skies!
Digg v1 is launching this week. Here's a glimpse of the site rebuild, new features, and a great example of transparent marketing.
Bing discusses the potential lessening value of links and lays out alternative tactics all SEOs should be focusing on.
In a duel of epic proportions, Mozscape and Majestic go head to head in a link analysis shootout to determine which is the best tool for providing backlink website data.
6 launches their job board for marketers. Recruiting for talent or looking for a new gig? Make sure to check it out.
The most gigantic list of SEO tools ever created by mankind. If you perform even 1 task in the over 300 mentioned in this Google Doc (which you do), you don't want to miss this!
Looking for that one exciting tool mentioned at last week's MozCon? This comprehensive list includes all the tools discussed at the conference. 
Open Site Explorer is now inside Excel! Build reports and create quick applications to fetch valuable link data from all 4 Mozscape APIs.
An inevitable time in a startup's lifecycle has finally arrived: someone has copied your business and asked you for help. Now what? Help your competitor to help yourself.
Awesome Extras
The Internet Map Prepare to be amazed with this gorgeous visualization of the web's domains. Wowzers!
MozCon Presentations Looking for the presentations from last week's MozCon speakers? You can download them all here!
MozCon 2012 If you missed MozCon or simply want revisit the best three days of the year, check out this compilation of photos, videos, tweets, slides, and contributors. 
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